What To Do If You Are Involved In A Pedestrian-Car Accident?

When you are living in a big city or a densely populated area, you might come across traffic accidents quite often. Most of these accidents involve pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders apart from cars and other vehicles. If you have been in such an unfortunate accident, where you have accidentally hit a pedestrian, then you should know your legal rights.


When you hit a pedestrian on the road while you are in the car, here is what you need to do immediately.

1.      Seek Everyone’s Safety

When you hit a pedestrian on a road, you should immediately pull on the side of the road and ensure that everyone is safe. If you hit and run away from the scene, consequences can be a little too harsh for you than they could have been. Therefore, make sure that you stay at the site.


If you see that anyone is injured, whether there are minor injuries or critical conditions, you should call 911 for help. If injuries are involved, you will have to report to the local law enforcement authorities as well.

2.      Report And Document The Accident

You should report the accident to the local law enforcement authority and your motor vehicle authority. This report is an important document and it is a part of post-accident protocol. Make sure that you do not admit the fault, however, you should just report the accident in precise words.


Make sure that you take photographs of the site of the accident. You should take pictures of the damage done, for instance, injuries caused to the pedestrian or anyone in your car. You should also share the information with the pedestrian to ensure a smooth ending to the situation.

3.      Call Your Lawyer

You should never admit your mistake unless your lawyer asks you to. Make sure that you seek legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Your lawyer will guide you through the process and ensure that you do not face any serious consequences.


Moreover, you should know that finding liability in pedestrian-car cases is very difficult. Unless that pedestrian was standing on the side of the road, or using the road mindfully, then you might be responsible. However, if the pedestrian was crossing the road without using a zebra crossing, then it might not be your fault. Therefore, let your lawyer help you find the liability and proceed with the case.

4.      Contact Your Insurer

Lastly, whether it was your fault or not, you will have to compensate for the injuries caused to the road user. However, you should know that injuries caused to pedestrians, especially when the party at fault can not be decided, do not ask for high compensation money.


You should contact your auto insurance company. The insurance package should cover the compensation money as well as the damage caused to your vehicle. Make sure that your lawyer helps you with the insurance claim so that you are not denied the claim.