Who are Blue World City Owners?


Blue world City owner is making society worth it in the true sense considering the top-tier & world-class facilities & facets it offers. Moreover, investors are always keen to know how the property they intend to invest in differs from other real estate options. It depends on society’s payment plan feasibility, the offered luxuries, stand-out features & much more. Well, Blue World City has covered you in all departments. The aspect of prime & exemplary location tops it all.

Blue World city is also a NOC-approved society, but the phenomenon of trusted & experienced developers holds more critical. Not only does it build a bond of assurance & confidence, but it also flourishes the industry at large.

Blue World City

Blue World City holds the top spot as one of the best, most promising & grand housing ventures. Moreover, the society resides on Main Chakri Road, an exceptionally & most commercially rich location in Twin Cities. Not only will it be highly accessible through multiple locations but is also making the residents’ lifestyle easier by providing all the needed opportunities. The factor of trusted developers is also why the investors take the opportunity hands-on, creating one of the successful ventures.

Moreover, Blue World City is initiated, developed & run by the worldly-famous Blue Group ofCompanies. In addition, the society is creating great hype because it is a fully-fledged legalized housing society which means the developers will not have to face any legal inconveniences.

Owners & Developers

Having one of the biggest names in the real estate industry of Pakistan attached as Blue World City owner & caretaker is a considerable aspect. The mega & promising society is developed & supervised by the ever experienced & grand Blue Group of Companies. The CEO of BGC is Saad Nazir, who has graduated from the National College of Arts & has earned quite a name in the real estate industry. Moreover, Saad Nazir is the son of the ex-deputy commissioner of Lahore, Chaudhry Nazir.

Furthermore, the company has become a brand which is a one-stop shop for all kinds of services & facilities. In particular, Blue World City’s impeccable encapsulation of top-tier aspects makes it one of the best in town. It includes a highly attractive Blue World city payment plan, top-notch basic & advanced facilities, features & facets, and an extraordinary master plan; it’s a perfect lifestyle. A smart lifestyle that everyone deserves & aims for.

Moreover, talking about the owners & developers, BGC has been serving for more than 20 years. The journey that started back in 19998 has now made the company one of the diversified ^ most grand names. Whether it is the world-class architectural capacity, planning, execution/development or even promotions, the company serves every department.

Blue Group of Companies Services

Blue Group of Companies services is all about diversity & range, making Blue World City owner one of the perfect & best to put your trust in. Moreover, since the company has been around for more than 2 decades, it has successfully tapped into many industries. The offered services are infinite, whether in the real estate, retail, advertising, or even the clothing or beverages industry.

The company has a plethora of employees who are exceptionally skilled, experienced & experts in their respective fields. They are adding significant value to upgrading & evolving the living standards up a notch.

Offered Skills & Services

From offering skilled, thoroughly planned out architectural projects their execution & a lot more, Blue Group of Companies has everything. Remember that by providing services in the industry, which is from the planning phase till the successful execution, the company earns a share of the market.

Moreover, BGC is also a great name in the retail market, one of the biggest industries to get into & then make a unique brand. BGC has done it successfully. Also, there’s a clothing brand & even beverages that Blue Group of Companies are managing & that too impeccably.Now, the investment & Blue World City Islamabad owner and his impeccable team are all about high-end returns & long-term benefits. But, most importantly, it will be the best deal with the perfect pinch of modern/smart lifestyle.


Blue World City investment encapsulates all perfect, luxurious & smart choices. Very few societies tick the necessary, needed & wanted investment boxes. Moreover, the developers of the society, Blue Group of Companies, are one of the most reliable & giant names in the real estate market. Therefore, the trust, confidence & expectation level supersedes in every way. Not to forget the number of facilities, services & features the company offers are enormous. It gives a sense of diversity & range. Lastly, the Blue World City owner & the entire team is making the long-seen dreams come true.

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