Which Mattress Is Best For Someone With Sleep Apnea

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Figures show that around 1.5 Million people suffer from sleep apnea. Estimates suggest that more than twice as many people are not diagnosed.

A continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) is the best treatment for sleep apnea. However, wearing a mask at bedtime is not the only way to alleviate your symptoms.

While no mattress will cure sleep apnea (sleep apnea), a best mattress that is firm enough to prevent you from sinking may be the solution. A firmer mattress can help reduce the frequency and intensity of sleep apnea by keeping your airways open.

For those suffering from sleep apnea, a firmer mattress is necessary to rest on your stomach. A study found that stomach sleepers experience a 50% decrease in sleep apnea symptoms.

A firm mattress is not the only option to reduce sleep apnea symptoms. You can also use elevation to sleep.

According to a 2017 study, sleeping at a tilt of 7.5° can reduce obstructive sleep disorder by more than 31%. An adjustable bed might be perfect solution to transform your sleeping habits.

What Mattress Is Best For Sleep Apnea Treatment?

A mattress you feel comfortable on is better than the one you sink into. You don’t want an uncomfortable sleeping surface, so you need a soft comfort layer.


Firmness is related to your body weight. A medium mattress will feel firm to someone who weighs less than ten stones but soft to someone who weighs more than twelve stones. Here are our recommendations for matching the mattress to your body weight:

  • Below 130 lbs- Medium-Soft
  • Medium – below 160lbs
  • Medium-firm – Weights below 210 lbs
  • Firm: Over 210 lbs
  • Over 250lbs – extra firm (orthopedic)
Mattresses should be firmer if you are heavier than you are.

People with sleep apnea prefer a medium-firm mattress or a firm mattress. You can choose the medium-firm option if you need more clarification.


Memory foam and latex foam mattresses are the best mattress for sleep apnea. They can be sprung or hybrid.

Latex foam springs back quickly, and memory foam is soft and squishy. Both offer pressure relief, with memory foam superior, while latex foam is more flexible and allows for easier movement when you turn.

The medium-firm latex foam mattress will be a good choice, as it will support your upper body.

Because springs offer unrivaled support, response and comfort, your mattress should have springs. Hybrid mattresses are made with fewer springs but more foam. Traditional pocket-sprung mattresses, on the other hand, have thicker springs.

Adjustable Beds To Treat Sleep Apnea

Research has shown that an angle-sleeping position can alleviate sleep apnea symptoms. An adjustable bed is worth looking at.

According to the linked study, head-elevating sleeping significantly improves sleep apnea symptoms. It also showed that it does not affect sleep position, so you can still have side and back sleeping.

A 2022 study on snoring found that sleeping in an inclined posture reduces the number of sleep awakenings due to snoring and increases sleep quality.

There are single and double adjustable beds available. You can get a twin adjustable mattress if you have a partner.

If you share a bed with someone, a twin adjustable bed might be worth it.

Three types of adjustable beds are medium, medium-firm, and firm. You can choose your ideal firmness rating and size. A mattress is essential for adjustable beds.