What is the correct order of doing formal makeup?

What is the correct order of doing formal makeup?
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Whether you are a beginner or an expert, many tips and tricks can help you achieve the perfect formal makeup look. It is also essential to know that there are specific steps that you should follow when applying makeup. Following these tips will give you the confidence to create a gorgeous look for your formal events.

Smokey eye

Whether you’re looking to make your eyes pop or to accentuate your features, a smokey eye can help you achieve the perfect look. The key to a successful smoky eye is to choose a few shades that complement each other.

Smokey eye makeup is a popular choice for formal events. This look is typically done with shades of grey, black, and navy blue. However, this look can be worn in a variety of other colours. If you want to try a more colourful smokey eye, try purple or jewel tones.

First, decide which colours you want to use at Makeup By Dalia. You can choose one shade to use as your lid, another for your crease, and a third for your outer corner. For example, you can start with a bright blue shadow on the lid and then go back in with a darker shade in the crease.

Then, use a small pencil brush to apply a medium brown shade to the crease. Next, use a fluffy brush to blend the shadow. Then, use a darker shade to define the outer corners.

Smokey eye makeup is great for formal events but can also be used at home. Just make sure you use good-quality eye shadows. It can also help to use a primer. It will keep your eye shadow in place, which is vital for a smoky eye.To complete your smoky eye look, add false lashes. You can use high-intensity volumizing mascara to add even more drama to your face.


Lastly, use a dark liner pencil to line the upper and lower lash line. This liner will make your eyes look bigger and more dramatic.


Getting your eye makeup right is a vital part of your look. While there is no set rule of thumb, there are some steps you should follow and some you should avoid. It will help you achieve a look that will impress your peers.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your eye makeup fresh. It means you should have a new eye makeup regimen every three months. You should also wash your brushes frequently. It would be best if you also refreshed your mascara. While it may sound like an obvious thing to do, you will be surprised at how many people ignore this. A fresh coat of mascara will help your eye makeup last longer and look more impressive. It would help if you also looked into using dark eye shadow colours as a crease colour. You can also use a light brown shadow as a highlighter.

While at it, remember to use eyeliner to complete your look. While this may not be a traditional part of your makeup routine, it can be an excellent way to achieve a more polished look. It would be best if you also tried avoiding liquids or creams on top of powders because they will end up cakey. In addition, try to keep your eyes open during the day to avoid eye strain. Also, avoid blinking too often, leading to an eye infection.

Avoid fallout

Using a primer before applying eye shadow can help avoid fallout. A primer also helps the shadow adhere to the skin better and prevents it from slipping. Another failsafe is wearing an under-eye shield. These little semi-circle stickies are usually sold online and affix to the skin underneath the eye.


When you are applying your eye shadow, make sure you use a dry brush. Some shades are very powdery and can migrate under your eyes. It is especially true for shimmery eye shadow. You can also use an eye mask to make it easier to clean up the makeup.

If you’re worried about the shadow migrating under your eyes, you can also try a concealer or foundation. You can also try using sticky tape to remove the stray shadow. It will remove the shadow without affecting your foundation. You can use a flat packing brush if you don’t have a foundation brush. You can also use a makeup brush to dab on the excess shadow. If you are applying a shimmery shadow, you can also use a brush with a fluffy brush.

Eyeshadow fallout can ruin your look, but you can prevent it. You can use a primer to help it stick to the skin better or an under-eye shield. You can also try using scotch tape to lift large specks of pigment. It will also help prevent fallout from smearing across your cheekbones. It’s also possible to use eye patches to catch the fallout. The patches are specially made for catching and removing fallout. If you’re looking for more makeup tips, Bustle has a video that shares more beauty tips.