What equipment would be best suited for mobile physiotherapy

What equipment would be best suited for mobile physiotherapy
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Choosing the right equipment in your mobile physiotherapy clinic can be confusing. You need to consider the needs of your patients and the services you can offer. It means taking the time to research what each piece of equipment offers.

Exercise sliders

Physical therapists often recommend exercise sliders as small circular discs that allow for low-impact exercise. These tools force the muscles to contract to help increase flexibility and strength.

They are ideal for various exercise modalities and can be used for isometric and full-body work. They are also easy on the joints. You’ll be surprised at the strength gains you can make when you consistently use them.

The best exercise sliders come with an ergonomic tread pattern for a comfortable grip and a non-slip, non-marking surface. They are also made of super smooth ABS and feature five resistance bands.

They’re compact and light, making them an excellent choice for travelling. They’re also durable and are made to withstand intense workouts. They’re available in a range of sizes, including extra large. This size is recommended for those with large hands or feet. They’re also ideal for beginners.

Foam rollers

Foam rollers can help relieve pain, reduce stiffness, and enhance blood circulation. They are also helpful for post-workout cool-down. Athletes and individuals can also use them to massage muscles. They come in many sizes and densities and can be used on a variety of parts of the body.

The primary use of a foam roller is to massage muscles. A typical roller has a cylinder-shaped foam with a diameter of about 6 inches. It allows you to roll up and down the roller a few inches at a time to help release tension.

Foam rollers can also be used for spinal mobilization. You can place the roller on your IT band, upper back, and shoulder. These are particularly useful for people with pain in these areas.

These rollers can also be used to relieve shin splints. They are also helpful for individuals who have pain in the lower back. You can use these rollers to target areas that are difficult to reach with other rollers.

A good foam roller should be smooth, without ridges or bumps. The surface texture can also help intensify the pressure of the roller. It is also a good idea to use your body weight when rolling. It enables the roller to target the correct muscle areas.

Keiser machine

Whether you’re in the market for a new exercise machine or simply looking for something to use in your office or home, a Keiser machine may be perfect. The Keiser machine is sure to impress with a wide array of features.

The Keiser M3 Total Body Trainer uses magnetic resistance to offer a practical and fun full-body workout. With 24 tension levels and a smooth ride, you’ll be able to work your upper and lower body independently while delivering head-to-toe toning benefits.

Aside from the usual cardio and strength training, the Keiser M3 has a couple of extras you’ll love. For example, the machine’s footplate supports your foot angle throughout the pedalling stroke, minimizing ankle flexion.

Another feature you’ll want to check out is the odometer, which displays the distance travelled and time spent in various increments. You’ll also be able to see watts, which is an excellent way to measure the rate of work being done.

The Keiser A420 is another machine that delivers a great workout in a streamlined manner. This machine combines a state-of-the-art design with advanced performance monitor technology to provide a highly visual training experience. 


Whether you’re a physiotherapist or simply looking for an effective pain relief solution, you’ll want to consider Stimtec2. It is one of the most popular physical therapy devices on the market. It can help you with everything from pain relief to muscle enhancement.

The Stimtec2 is a portable electrotherapy device that comes with a battery charger. In terms of features, it has everything you’d expect. It has an LED display, a lithium battery, and a soft case. The unit also comes with a user manual and lead wires. There are 40 programs to choose from.

Stimtec2 is best suited for physiotherapists and home health care professionals, but it also has its uses for home care workers. The unit’s clever features are particularly effective in the case of muscle pain. It can also help you with poor blood circulation, muscle enhancement, and faster healing of tissues. It can also help you prevent clotting in your veins.

Exercise balls

Choosing the right exercise ball is essential. A good one can provide a comfortable seat for a variety of exercises. It should also be sturdy enough to support your body weight. You should also check the ball for any deep scratches or cuts.

If you are unsure of the right size, consult Physio Inq or a fitness professional. They may be able to measure your body and give you a ball that will fit you perfectly. You can also use a general size chart as a guide.

Most exercise balls are made of polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic material that is safe and flexible. They are also designed with anti-burst features that minimize the risk of injury if a sharp object punctures the ball.

An exercise ball is a great way to stretch your spine. It can help you relieve lower back pain. Using an exercise ball in combination with squats or push-ups can help strengthen your core muscles.

There are also many different sizes of exercise balls. The most common ball is available in five different diametrical sizes, ranging from 65 cm to 85 cm.