The Importance of Swimming for Being a Lifeguard

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Water safety is very important. Swimming pools are dangerous places. That is why lifeguards are present at swimming pools. A lifeguard is someone who watches over the people who are in the water. He watches for the people who might drown and for those who might fall into the water.

A lifeguard must watch the people who are in the pool and make sure they are safe. He should also be ready to help the people who might get hurt.

The importance of lifeguard training

A lifeguard should have a lot of training and experience. He should be prepared to do whatever it takes to save someone’s life. He may have to jump into the water to help someone who has fallen in.

He may have to push an adult or child out of the pool so that they don’t get hurt. A lifeguard is also trained in CPR. He can perform CPR on someone who is choking, or who has had a heart attack.

Lifeguards should also know how to use a defibrillator. A defibrillator is a machine that can shock a person’s heart back into working properly. It can also shock a person’s heart back to life if it has stopped beating. A lifeguard should know how to use the defibrillator.

Swimming lessons for safety in the water

In addition to learning how to swim, a child should be taught to stay safe in and around the water. Swimming lessons are important for children. Children learn water safety by attending one of the classes offered by their local swimming pool.

The swimming lessons will also help a child develop confidence. Confidence is important for children, so they will enjoy swimming more.

Lifeguard certification from ALA

There are many things you need to consider when becoming a lifeguard. You need to have a lifeguard certification from the American Lifeguard Association (ALA). This will allow you to be employed in international places. You should also have a basic level of knowledge about swimming and lifesaving. Lifeguards need to be able to swim as well as rescue others.

If you want to be an effective lifeguard, you should know how to swim, how to use a flotation device, and how to apply CPR. It is also very important for you to have lifeguard certification. You should be sure to get one before starting your job as a lifeguard. You will be required to take tests.

Swimming tests

The first test is called the basic swimmer. This test will show you how to swim. It will also show you how to tread water.

The second test is the advanced swimmer test. This will show you how to tread water with the ability to swim in different directions.

The third test is the basic rescue test. This will show you how to save lives by using the proper tools. You will also be given a lifeguard manual which has all the information you will need. You need to have a certificate from a reputed Lifeguard Training Center.

What are the Requirements?

The minimum age to take this course is 18 years old. You must be at least 5’10” tall and weigh at least 130 pounds. The weight limit varies by state, but the height requirement is almost always the same.

There are no other requirements except that you must be able to read, write, and understand English.

What is Included in the Course?

You will learn how to do the following:

  • How to swim in the pool.
  • How to tread water.
  • How to kick with the legs.
  • How to do a backstroke.
  • How to do breaststroke.
  • How to do the butterfly.
  • How to do the freestyle.
  • How to do the front crawl.
  • How to use the water wings.
  • What to wear in the water.
  • How to exit the pool.
  • How to do a back float.
  • What to eat before and after swimming.
  • How to shower in the locker room.
  • What to pack for the pool.

Final Words

The American Lifeguard Association is an organization that aims to promote the safety of swimmers, surfers, and divers. It provides training programs to people who are interested in becoming a lifeguard. The association also trains people who are interested in becoming first aid instructors.

ALA is located in all the major cities of the country and individuals trained from ALA are serving around the world. For more on our lifeguard certification courses, please do not hesitate to contact ALA.