Simple Dining Room Table Décor and Style Ideas to Attract More Attention

big dining tables

Besides tables and small chairs, you can’t add much to your dining room. At the most, you can include a mini bar cart and dinnerware cabinet. The superhero of a dining room is the table where your favorite food is served. According to an article published in Huffington Post, big dining tables, eating spaces, and nooks make feasting a success especially when you have guests this season.

The dining table is the center of attraction where your guests gather to savor delicious cuisines and drinks. People will first notice a stylish dining table than anything else in the room.

How about a statement tablecloth

You always had a liking for a dining room that looks elegant and practical but also evokes all feelings of fun. The purpose of dining with your family and friends is to savor good food with the right ambiance to make everyone cheerful.

Create an eating area that can accommodate big gatherings this festive season with a table for at least 20-25 guests. Add pizzazz to the space by adding a statement tablecloth for evoking feelings of liveliness and warmth in the entire dining room.

Add some garden figurines

You can transform your ordinary dining room décor by including a farmhouse theme. What about placing some stone-bird statuettes on a big dining table? Add some character to the room by hanging a stunning chandelier. Choose a French design to set an elegant tonewhile the durable wood table evokes a feeling of sensibility.

Next, comes the table cover which could be a whitepiece or floral prints sourced from any authentic store. Place a vase full of fresh flowers on a shelf at the back of the dining table. It’s the perfect décor for a formal and cozy dining room with a farmhouse theme.

Fill wall niches with some colors

If you have a dining room with wall niches, add some drama to them by adding colors. It’s easy and simple. You may also choose to accentuate the dining room décor with a minimalist wallcovering. The wallcovering could be a simple handmade thing to fill the niches to create an elegant background for ornamentalplates on the dining table. The niche color could be light blue or slate blue.

What about an integral bar?

When you living in a modern house or apartment, you need to have an in-built bar near the dining table. Ensure that the cocktail or mocktail elements are easy to reach for refilling the glasses. The built-in bar should be so designed. Personalize the bar unit so that it looks like real furniture and complements the décor of the room against the dining table.

Place the dining table at an angle

If you live in an apartment with a small dining room, avoid tucking the table in a corner. Place it at an angle instead. The chairs around the table or even a sofa will make your eating area extra inviting.


Keep the dining room decorating ideas in your mind to not just eat but create a dining experience. Happy dining!