Is NCERT the Best Study Tool for CBSE Exam Preparation

CBSE Exam Preparation

Most experts advise students to refer to the NCERT Books during competitive and board exam preparation. Students can make use of the numerous study materials available online but should give top priority to NCERT. The council mainly aims to offer quality education to students at both primary and secondary levels. NCERT Books are proven to help students score 95%, and more marks in their final exams as most of the questions will appear from them.

For CBSE Exam preparation, students should mainly focus on the study materials and reference tools to answer the textbook questions. NCERT-designed books are considered the best as the board prescribes them. It is available for all the classes and subjects, which can be accessed free of cost by the students in both online and offline modes. Students can tackle most of the difficult questions in the final exams using these books.

Why Is NCERT the Best Study Material for CBSE Students?
1. Provides Good Understanding

NCERT Books are designed well to cover all the topics and provide clarity to the students irrespective of their grasping skills. It is meant to polish the fundamentals among students and clear their queries. It contains diagrams and step-wise explanations to help students learn the basics effortlessly and ace well in their final exams.

2. Final Exam Questions Are from NCERT Books

There are high chances of NCERT Questions being asked in the board exams. For this purpose, students are recommended to solve all the questions and learn all the concepts without confusion. Numerous examples and exercises are available in the NCERT Books to help students quickly memorise the concepts.

3. Chapter-wise Questions for Practise

In the NCERT Books, students can find the exercise-wise and chapter-wise questions present at the end of each chapter. By solving these questions efficiently, students can answer any question which might appear in the final exams. It mainly enhances the time management skills among students, which is necessary to complete the entire question paper on time.

4. Based on the CBSE Curriculum

When it comes to board exam preparation, students need to focus on the curriculum designed for the academic year by the board. For this reason, the board releases the curriculum for each subject to help students boost their exam preparation. It also offers students a clear idea of the marks weightage and the exam pattern followed by the CBSE Board.

5. Designed by Subject Experts

The experts design the books to help students comprehensively ace their CBSE board exams. The concepts are explained in simple language so the students can learn them well without further doubts. If a student goes through page by page and tries to understand the concepts, there is no chance of scoring fewer marks in the final exams.

The above points would have helped students know why NCERT Books are a vital study tool. It is available for all the classes so that there is equality in education among students. If a student learns the topics using the NCERT Books, he will perform well in the exams conducted at the state and national levels. If students cannot answer the textbook questions, they can use the NCERT Solutions, which are provided online. It will focus on helping the students perform better in their CBSE Board examinations.