How To Make Your Home More Accommodating To Those With Allergies


You could be one of the millions who experience allergy symptoms now that allergy season has arrived. You could experience symptoms from itchy eyes and a runny nose to more severe responses like trouble breathing or chest discomfort that may need medical attention when your allergies are acting up.

Your initial instinct might be to stay indoors to lessen your exposure to pollen and the likelihood of developing allergy symptoms. However, the source of the problem might be your home, where uninvited intruders like dust mites, mold, and pet dander frequently reside.

Get To The Root Of Allergies With These Simple Steps

It’s crucial to identify the cause of your symptoms and keep your house clean. Choose the best Fidelis Plumbing in every aspect to prevent allergies. Therefore, we have developed simple instructions that you may follow to lessen your exposure to allergens in your home.

Clean Up The Air

A compelling first line of defense against getting allergens into your home is a well-ventilated home and ductwork that is not leaking. When using the air conditioning system, use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters. Maintain a 50 percent or less humidity level within the home. Dust and pollen are readily stirred up in dry air, while mold prefers moisture.

Use dehumidifiers initially in the bathrooms, kitchen, and basement because most are made to handle just one area. Look for large-capacity units that operate more quickly and effectively. Additionally, search for devices with durable wheels, quiet operation, and washable filters. Regularly empty and clean them to avoid growing more mold than you do destroy it.

Eliminate Clutter

Less clutter means fewer hiding spots for allergies in your home. It will also be simpler to clean thoroughly once a week, which is as vital.

  1. Get rid of worn-out garments, newspapers, rags, and other porous materials.
  2. Reduce the number of trinkets, periodicals, and other dust collectors you have.
  3. Since you and your allergies spend most of your time in bed, pay extra attention to them.
Clean The Cleaning Area

Your bathroom is a mold haven, much like your bedroom is a dust mite haven. Check for leaks in water lines and fix them. Use a nontoxic cleaner to clean the walls consistently. After taking a shower or bath, turn on the ventilation fans and ensure they are directed outside for 30 minutes. Clean up the mold on the fixtures and pipes.

Reduce Dust Generators

The shedding of fibers from fabrics and carpets increases the amount of dust in your house. Think about placing upholstered furniture, high-pile carpets, and drapes in the bedroom. Allergies are all comfortably accommodated.

Put A Stop To Pet Dander

Since pet (and rodent) dander is lighter than most other allergens, it floats in the air for a more extended period and is easier to mix up. Mechanical air-filtering devices that force air through a HEPA filter might be helpful. Choose air-filtering equipment that an independent lab has approved because they are highly promoted; if you are looking for all these things, then Fidelis Plumbing can be the one-stop solution for you and your allergy-free home.


Allergy season can be frustrating and unpleasant as your symptoms become a persistent companion, following you wherever you go. However, Fidelis Plumbing can keep you comfortable in your home and minimize the notion that staying indoors is the only healthy option.