Google nest hub: review

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You will most likely have a first-generation Nest Hub with a Google smart display. There have been others, such as the Google Assistant-enabled Lenovo Smart Display and the expensive Nest Hub Max with cameras. The smaller Nest Hub, which retails for just $130 and is frequently onĀ nest hub max discount, was the smart home device of choice for many people.


Cost-effective, hands-free control using Quick Gestures

A glass that goes from top to bottom.

A deeper, more powerful bass


As of now, Sleep Sensing is free.

The large bezel is still present.

Video chat is impossible if you don’t have access to a camera.

Google’s new and upgraded smart display is the best bet for most smart homes. The second-generation Nest Hub has a new Sleep Sensing feature, but that’s not all. Also, 30 percent less expensive than the original Nest Hub, with 50% more bass, new color options, and an eco-friendly design, the new Nest Hub is a better value.

Detection of Sleepiness

For calibration, you’ll be asked to lie in your usual sleep position for a few seconds while following a visual tutorial showing you where to put the display and how to aim it. If all goes well, you’ll be ready to proceed.

Additionally, the Nest Hub has a Respiratory Wellness function that tracks how often the display hears coughing or snoring and how many breaths you take every minute as you sleep. My smartwatch can’t do those things. Nest Hub does not promise to diagnose or pinpoint any specific health concerns. Despite Google’s collaboration with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it is not approved as a health or medical device.

Data on sleep patterns and personal privacy

What does Google learn about you while you’re sleeping? The absence of a camera means that Google isn’t capturing any facial photos or movements. When it comes to recording and storing data, Google uses a variety of sensors and microphones. The microphone on your phone or tablet captures coughing and snoring sounds, which are saved locally on your device. Coughing and snoring detection can be turned off, but sleep tracking remains active.

To use Sleep Sensing, it is completely up to you. In the device settings menu, you can turn it off completely if you don’t want to use it. Additionally, you can deactivate Quick Gestures, the Hub’s motion-sensing feature that allows you to play or pause media simply by tapping the air in front of the display.

Get a taste of Sleep Sensing by taking a look at this video. As of now, it’s free till the end of 2017. In the future, we’re thrilled to see how this new technology can be incorporated into the Fitbit and Fitbit Premium experiences. Fitbit and Sleep Sensing will continue to be part of our plans, and we’ll keep you informed.

Immediate Movements

In addition to the Sleep Sensing feature, Soli has Motion Sense built-in. You can pause or resume playback by tapping the air in front of the device. You can use an air tap to mute an alarm, dismiss a timer, or silence Google Assistant. Streaming media may also be controlled with gestures, thanks to the tiny radar.

With filthy hands in the kitchen or while you’re working on a project across the room, it’s wonderful to have some control over your gestures. You don’t have to yell over your music to gain Google Assistant’s attention like you would if you said, “Hey Google, pause.”


The new Nest Hub, according to Google, offers 50% more bass than the old model. A third microphone was also included for improved listening. The mute and volume control switches and buttons have not been updated.

This is not Nest Audio, so don’t expect high-quality sound from a screen-centric gadget. Despite that, it’s loud enough and provides excellent sound for regular use. The speaker keeps up and performs well when used with other Nest speakers in a group.

Other abilities

Google’s most affordable smart speaker, the Nest Audio, features the same machine-learning processor as the Nest Hub. Google Assistant’s reaction time is sped up thanks partly to the ML chip, which handles common commands locally.

Streaming video from YouTube, Netflix, and Disney Plus will still be possible on the HD 7-inch monitor. Photo Frame, Your Day, Wellness, Media, Communicate, Family, and Discover are just a few other tabs you’ll encounter. Adaptive color and ambient light detection make this a fantastic digital photo frame. Using the Sunrise alarm feature allows you to gradually wake up in the 30 minutes before your alarm goes off.

Ultimately, the jury is in

The second-generation Nest Hub is a suitable successor to the first, thanks to improvements, a lower price, and increased functionality. New features that some people may find unsettling are optional, and you have complete control.