Get The Inner Child Out Of You. Visit Disneyland

Disneyland Paris Holidays

Everyone knows that Paris is known as the City of love. But love is not the only way of life. Amusement is always a big part of living too. Just as important as love is, having fun has equal value.

Therefore, if you take a trip to Paris, visit Disneyland. It is the most important tourist destination after, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

How To Get Tickets For Disneyland, Paris? 

One-day entry prices vary depending on the date you visit (not the date you purchase them), The Disneyland website shows the pricing schedule for the upcoming several months. Except for specific times when there might be a special show or holiday parade, Disney Village is open to the public without any charge.

Throughout the year, Disneyland Paris is open each day. The Parks may remain open later for particular seasonal activities, although hours of operation change by season.

The Ideal Time To Visit Disneyland Paris

The winter months of January through March are probably the least expensive for a Disneyland Paris Holidays. Going midweek during off-peak months, when children are in school, is great because it will always be affordable than going during school breaks and more pricey than going on holiday.

The Park gates are only 20 miles from Paris. You can reach it directly from the A4 highway. It is only a two-minute commute from Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station, and you’ll reach it in about an hour by shuttle bus from the Paris airports. This is why a coach trip with Gold Crest Holidays is a good idea, because the driver will take you from outside your hotel to Disney and into Paris, so you can easily experience both of these fantastic visits.

Main Attractions In Disneyland Paris

Every Disneyland has its main attractions. Check out what Paris has!

  • Space Mountain

Every enthusiast of roller coasters is aware of Space Mountain. This attraction has a single enormous chamber which houses an entire track. The atmosphere is extravagant, with lights and audio effects on the cars, whose vibrational modes and reverberations synchronize with the ride.

  • Big Thunder Mountain

American settlers carved up a new frontier in the West during the 19th century. Big Thunder Mountain provides thrills in an environment heavily influenced by the mythical Wild West. This thrill ride owes much of its prestige to the distinct aura that relates to children and adults.

  • Temple of Doom: Indiana Jones

If you are a fan of the sequel to the world’s coolest archaeologist, you will become obsessed with the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom roller coaster. You are immediately transported into the rainforest setting of the movie as you stand in line.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the great classics at Disney theme parks across the globe is this well-known ride from Disneyland Paris. Get on a ship with Pirates of the Caribbean and sail around the South Pacific. This one attraction transports you to a realm of great adventure, complete with ship attacks and sword fights.

You will surely have a favourite attraction if you are a devoted patron of the well-known theme park. You will find a standout Disneyland Paris experience, whether you enjoy an adrenaline rush, relaxation, or experiences of enchantment. However, everyone who goes to Disneyland is young at heart. Therefore, there is no age bar to entering Disneyland, Paris.