Get Out Of An Escape Room : Some Tricks and Tips

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Whether you’ve played escape room games before or not, you’re bound to get stuck at some point, which can be frustrating. But don’t worry. You and your team can use some simple tactics to get things moving again and get back on track. When you’re solving puzzles in an escape room, it can be exciting. But when you can’t find any more clues, it’s easy to get down on yourself and forget that you’re there to have fun.

Tips That Will Help To Get You Out From The Escape Room

Work together:

This may seem like a no-brainer, since you (hopefully) already know that teamwork is a big part of beating any escape rooms. Each player needs everyone else to win, just like in a team sport. Communication is one of the most important parts of working with your team. When you find a clue or a puzzle, say something so the rest of the team knows what’s in the room. It’s easy to talk over each other, so make sure you’re being heard and that you’re being listened to. If you get stuck, take a few minutes to talk to each other about what you’ve already found and what puzzles you still need to solve.

Your teammates can also look at a puzzle or clue you’ve been working on with fresh eyes. Switch problems with someone else or ask a teammate to help you. A lot of escape room puzzles can’t be solved by just one person. Maybe the clue you’re trying to use opens a lock five feet away. Or, sometimes all you need is someone else’s hands to get the code you’ve been trying to get all by yourself. Remember that when everyone works together, everyone wins. And getting that win will be faster and easier than if you worked alone.

Take another look around the room:

Even if you search every corner, shelf, lock, door, book, and space in between, it’s easy to overlook a location.When you search a room for the first time, there are so many new things to find and look at that you might miss some of them. Go back over your steps and look at puzzles you’ve already solved to see if there might be a link to a new one.

Maybe you didn’t see an open drawer, a part of the wall that opens, or a piece of decor that tells you how to break a code. Are there any colours, shapes, numbers, or words that you didn’t think were important but that now seem to be important? Look at the walls, under the furniture, and even the smallest details. The biggest locks are sometimes opened with those. If you love challenges, search for the “best escape room Melbourne and get yourself a challenge of a lifetime!

Review the clues you didn’t use:

Do you have any clues that you haven’t used or that aren’t complete? Take a moment to put them in order and think about how they fit together, where you might have found the clues, or what locks they might open. During the game, you and your team can keep all of the clues in one place so that they are easy to find. You can write them down somewhere or tell a teammate about them to help you remember them.

If you’re having trouble with a combination lock, try putting the codes in a different order. You can also think that the clues you’re using to solve a puzzle might not be the best ones for the job. This is where being organised comes in handy.Look over the clues you haven’t used and try something new!

Don’t worry:

Don’t forget that the escape game is a place to have fun. When cynicism starts to creep in, remind yourself of the hard things you have already done. If you can solve the first few problems in a game, you’re on your way to getting out. Remember our first tip, which was to work together? Well, it also pays to cheer each other on as a team. A little bit of optimism can give the team a boost and keep you in the right frame of mind to have fun.


We hope that these few tips will help you get out of an escape room the next time you get stuck. Use your imagination and keep trying, because there is no escape room that you can’t beat. Here, you can find options for online escape rooms to keep the fun going.