Explore the ultimate attractions throughout Chennai in your vacation

Grand Chola Chennai

Tamil Nadu’s extremely vibrant capital, Chennai, is a city rich in customs, artwork, and social heritage. On the one side, it offers natural delights like beaches, while on the other, it has historical wonders influenced by British colonial grandeur. With so many attractions in Chennai, visitors have a wide range of alternatives for a leisurely exploration of the city. Enormous temples’ sky-touching towers inspire a sense of dedication and serenity. People participate in a variety of cultural activities and have distinctive lives. After exploring these, you should realize the benefits of reserving ITC Grand Chola Chennai for resting purposes. Let’s look at some of the top tourist destinations in Chennai that are worth seeing and putting to your dream list.

Even though Chennai is quickly becoming known as an IT hotspot, it has maintained its culture and customs, blending modern culture with ancient aesthetics. To enhance your trip and create it more fascinating, we have put together a list of the top sites to see in Chennai.

  1. Marina Beach

Without witnessing this beautiful beach, which is the second-largest urban shoreline in the world, your journey to the city will be meaningless. Enjoy in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that will captivate and fascinate you with the shades they scatter across the flowing water. Enjoy the seaside and appreciate the gentle wind stroking your face to help you feel good whenever the city’s sweltering heat gets too much to bear.

  1. Government Museum

The museum and the exhibits on show there are the best resources for learning more about the history and cultural diversity of the area. South Indian artworks from both the current and ancient periods are displayed in an incredibly varied, rich, and extensive collection at the Government Museum in Chennai. The objects created by marble artists and Amravati marble houses connected to the period of Gautam Buddha are the museum’s top draws, drawing a number of tourists each year. If you love history, you will undoubtedly be astounded by these artifacts’ pure beauty.

  1. Nagalapuram Waterfalls

Nature lovers adore maintaining a connection with the wonders and splendor of the natural world. You will find the much-needed reprieve from Chennai’s humid and sticky heat by going to Nagalapuram Waterfalls. Here, you can take pleasure in viewing water falling from a great height, and hiking through the forest will undoubtedly fill you with joy.

  1. Thousand Lights Mosque

People once thought that in order to fill the mosque’s interior with light, a thousand lamps had to be lit. As a result, the mosque acquired the name Thousand Lights Mosque. Whenever the region is lit up, Royapettah as a whole springs to life, relishing in the comforting glow of lights. One of the top tourist destinations in Chennai is this shining mosque since it provides a stunning sight.

  1. Ashtalaxmi Temple

Due to the existence of historic sites of religion, Chennai has a particularly spiritual atmosphere. The Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of prosperity, is honored in the Ashtalaxmi Temple, which is well-known for its serene and magnificent ambiance. The temple is near the water, and one can experience the sound of the waves breaking nearby resonating throughout the complex. It encourages worshippers to concentrate and feel at ease.

  1. Valluvar Kottam

Thiruvalluvar, a well-known Tamil poet, is from Chennai. He is honored as a saint and well-known for his academic endeavors. A gorgeous chariot named Valluvar Kottam was created to honor the legendary poet. Planning a trip here around sunrise or evening will allow you to fully appreciate this attraction’s grandeur and splendor.

  1. Kanchipuram

Another destination that draws numerous visitors each year is Kanchipuram. It is among the top attractions nearby Chennai. It is known as India’s Golden City of Temples. You would feel more at peace, serene, and tranquil after visiting Kanchipuram, a sacred site. These temples are exquisite works of architecture that showcase the talent of former artisans. Its attractiveness is further enhanced by the way that it is gradually encircled by exquisitely planted gardens and bird habitats.

  1. Mylapore

Mylapore is another location that accurately captures Chennai’s rich cultural heritage. It is regarded as Chennai’s center of culture. This lovely country’s lively culture has a rich history dating back longer than 1500 years. Magnificent temples, holy people, and gorgeous structures only contribute to the beauty of this location. Take the initiative to experience the mouth watering South Indian cuisine while you are in Mylapore.

  1. DakshinaChitra

DakshinaChitra is a collection of 18 houses that serve as a combined museum representing the southern landscape. You may get a glimpse of the rich architectural style, way of life, culture, and craftsmanship of states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Karnataka in this magnificent location. It is a well-known destination in Chennai that offers the ability to have fun while also teaching you a plethora regarding the South Indian regions.

  1. Velankanni Church

It is a stunning church that features a unique fusion of Gothic, Portuguese, and Christian pilgrimage-inspired architectural styles. This beautiful landscape is completed by the tall buildings and the white building against the Bay of Bengal’s background. Other names for it entail the Annai Vailankanni Shrine. There is a lot of peacefulness and tranquilly in this location because of the gorgeous Church that is present.

  1. Elliot’s Beach

Another landmark in Chennai is Elliot’s or Besant Nagar Beach, which is near to the Velankanni Church. It is a beautiful beach with a magnificent Schmidt Memorial. This monument was constructed as a tribute to Dutch sailor Karl Schmidt. A trip to this wonderful beach makes you feel peaceful. Its immediate closeness to the Ashtalakshmi Temple enhances the atmosphere of the location. After visiting this, you should understand the reasons for booking ITC Grand Chola Chennai.

  1. Royapuram Fishing Harbor

Go to the Royapuram Fishing Harbor if you’ve never witnessed fishermen at work. Here, you can see fishermen trying to get the greatest prices by selling to a variety of bidders. The harbor offers beautiful views. It is a well-liked destination for fish admirers and has capacity for about 570 boats.

Chennai also provides a variety of activities to do and a wonderful fusion of ancient structures and contemporary constructions. Chennai is among the most popular travel destinations in India for a variety of factors, not just one.