EB3 Visa: What you need to know


Before you start the immigration process, it’s a good idea to research so that you can understand the requirements and what you may need to get a visa. You should note that you can qualify for an EN3 visa which allows you to get a green card, but this is based on a US company offering you a sponsorship. To get a green card, the company has to go through the process called the labor certificate PERM process. 

In most cases, you also need the services of an attorney to assist you get an EB3 visa unless you have the right skills to maneuver through bureaucratic red tape. The good news is that an immigration attorney can simplify the process for you, and they can make sure that you do the process correctly and quickly. This article discusses the EB3 visa and everything you need to know.

Understanding the EB3 visa

The EB3 visa gives permanent residency or a green card to qualified people. Remember that you can be eligible for an EB3 visa only if you are an unskilled worker, skilled worker, or professional. There are at least 40, 000 EB3 visas that are available every year.

It’s worth mentioning that the EB3 visa is considered to be a third preference employment visa. Therefore, the requirements tend to be less strict than EB2 and EB1 green card visas, but it also means that the wait times tend to be longer.

Take note that 28.6 percent of the employment green cards are now allocated for EB3 visas, meaning that at least 40,000 EB3 visas are offered every year. Besides, at least 7 percent of approved EB3 visas can be granted to the same people from a specific country. Therefore, if you intend to apply from a country that has many applicants, then the wait times can be longer.

The fiscal year starts on October 1, but you can apply at any time during the year. You can decide to send an EB3 visa application whenever you want. The EB3 visas, just like most green cards, are usually valid for 10 years, and you can renew your visa at this point.

There are good reasons why you should get an EB3 visa. With an EB3 visa, you can get permanent residency in the United States. Take note that the EB3 visa grants qualified people permanent residential status. When you are a permanent resident, you can travel safely and change employers.

Also, the EB3 visa often has less strict requirements than the EB2 or EB1 visas. Therefore, most individuals who are not eligible for other visas can qualify for the EB3 visa.

Another good thing is that your spouse as well as your loved ones can accompany you to the United States. Dependent children are regarded as any unmarried kids of yours who are less than 21 years old. In the United States, children can attend schools. Even better, after you get their green cards or complete their employment authorization documents, your spouse can work.

The EB3 visa requirements

There are a couple of requirements for the EB3 visa, so you need to satisfy certain conditions for your EB3 visa to get approved. As mentioned earlier, the EB3 visa is available to skilled workers, professionals, and unskilled workers. 

A professional is an individual with at least a bachelor’s degree and can work in a job that requires a bachelor’s degree qualification. You cannot use your experience or any other qualification to replace this degree. A skilled worker is an individual with at least 2 years of job experience or training. On the other hand, an unskilled worker is a person who can perform a job that needs less than 2 years of training. Also, these jobs have to be permanent in nature.

To get your EB3 visa approved, you need not hurt any American workers. In other words, you cannot take a position that an American can do. Therefore, you need to get an approved labor certification so that you can prove that you meet this requirement.

A United States employer sponsoring you needs to have a valid job offer. The employer has to prove that there is no American worker who can do the work. This is demonstrated through the labor certification. And, the employer needs to have an employer and employee relationship. This means that the potential employer has to pay and supervise you.

The EB3 visa application process usually has multiple steps. An attorney can take you through this application process. That said, there are several documents that can be needed in an EB3 visa application process. The specific documentation required can depend on your situation. You need to have a written work contract between you and your employer, valid passport, photographs, academic records, medical and vaccination records, previous work experience records, criminal records, and many more.

Remember to keep a record of all these documents before you submit your application. You must keep all the necessary documents for at least 3 years after submitting your application. This is because there is a chance that you may have to resubmit the documents if your application requires to be audited. You should note that some audits are often random, so they can select anyone.

The EB3 processing time can depend on various factors. Some of these factors include the USCIS center you use, your application, and the country you come from. Sometimes, the processing time can be at least a year, and it can also take up to a couple of years. And, nationals of China and India can expect longer wait times. But if you want to have a good estimate on how long your visa can take, you need to consult immigration services provider for help.

In conclusion, the EB3 visa can grant you permanent residency if you are qualified. It’s crucial to understand the various elements of the EB3 visa, such as its benefits, application process, and requirements. Also, you need to consult an immigration service provider if you have any concerns with your visa application process. A good EB3 visa can help you to work and move safely in the United States.